Forest Creatures

Children 4-7 years

Forest Creatures

A Woodland Class for 12 children age 4-7 who enjoy spending time outside and learning through nature. The group is lead by an experienced teacher and an assistant. The group meets in the Wild Place Cabin and uses the Wild Place as well as many other areas of the park, such as The Community Orchard with its beehive- a beautiful area to engage in activities.

During the course of the day the group will spend time together exploring the natural environment, learning about the Earth’s changing seasons, different trees and plant species, growing food to fuel the body, animals and their habitats, the phases of the moon, natural elements and anything that emerges through this gentle child-led approach. Children will propose different projects they would like to undertake which their leaders will facilitate. They will have ownership of the cabin and The Wild Place and help shape its future.

Weaving together principles underlying Skogsmulle, forest schools and Steiner education, children will learn holistically; drawing on their imagination as their leaders strive to integrate the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of the group. Children will have the opportunity to grow in self-awareness and confidence within this small unique group and experience kindness, empathy, understanding, listening, resolution of conflict and appreciation of others.

Nature - based learning

A Woodland Class for 12 children age 4-7 led by an experienced teacher and an assistant

(Children attend without parents- have a well deserved rest!)

Based in The Wild Place and using various other areas of Milton Country Park

The session fee includes drinks and snacks cooked on the fire (Children bring a packed lunch)

Fees: £25 per day

£15 for each additional sibling
(Payable termly in advance)

Term dates

Thursday 10.01.19 to Thursday 14.02.19 inclusive

Thursday 28.02.19 to Thursday 04.04.19 inclusive

(12 sessions)

(Half term so no session on Thursday 21.02.19)



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