Children 7-15 years




Herons is a Self Directed Learning (SDL) class for children aged 7-15. This ‘Wild School’ will be facilitated by two experienced teachers and incorporate the skills of the wider community.

During the course of the day the group will spend time together exploring and setting individual goals, planning the direction of their learning and identifying actions they will take over time. Students will take the initiative and the responsibility for what occurs and may choose to keep a journal recording their experiences. They will be supported in managing and assessing their own learning activities, which they will pursue in both their time at Kilmorey House and beyond. This approach supports life-long learning. Teaching emphasizes SDL skills, processes, and systems rather than content coverage and exams. Students will be inspired by their teachers, the setting and their own motivations and interests, to initiate personal challenges and develop the personal qualities to pursue them successfully.

There will be no ‘typical day’ at Herons, timings are flexible and teachers will engage with students and guide them in autonomous learning. Preparing food, eating together and quality time socialising will all foster a real sense of a youth community, culminating in an overnight camp in shelters they have built themselves at the end of the summer term. Below are a few examples of areas of learning students could pursue and an outline of projects they may choose to embark on…

Permaculture: designing intelligent systems which meet human needs whilst enhancing biodiversity, reducing our impact on the planet, and creating a fairer world for us all. This is occurring globally with people transforming their communities with permaculture.

Art and sculpture: The local area is known for its stiff blue clay and the park is abundant with other natural resources such as wood and willow. Students can create unique pieces of art utilising natural resources and learn the skills of willow weaving or other woodland crafts.

Bushcraft and survival skills: experiences such as fire lighting and cooking on an open fire, building shelters, whittling with knives, recognition of plants and trees, making cordage and creating natural art are all skill based learning opportunities that could be facilitated.

Nature - based learning

Self Directed Learning facilitated by experienced teachers for children age 7-15

(Children attend without their parents)

The Wild Place, Milton Country Park

The session fee includes drinks and snacks prepared on the fire and all resources (Students bring a packed lunch and water bottle)

Fees: £30 per day
£5 discount for second sibling
£10 discount for third sibling
(Payable termly in advance)

'Herons' is a lovely place of wondrous things.' Rowan


Term dates

Friday 26.04.19 to Friday 24.05.19 inclusive

Friday 07.06.19 to Friday 12.07.19 inclusive

(11 sessions)

(Half term so no session on Friday 31.05.19)

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